Sunday, March 27, 2016

Can you do your sisters a favor...Please??

~Tracy Frederick

I am pretty tired. I’ve had to make some tough decisions lately in regard to my job so I have lost some hours of sleep. Ok, I realize it is just a job; I get it. It is just something to pay the bills and it is not eternity…but, in a way, it is….you see, how I behave toward others determines if others see me as honest and trustworthy and ultimately reflects…yep, on my Father so even though it is just a job, it is more than just a job, you know?

But, what was difficult about accepting about the new position is not knowing how to do it. I’ve never done it before. I have some good and bad examples, but no experience so it feels like I am going into the great abyss with only a candle…a birthday candle at that. Ok, I know I’m not, but it kinda feels that way….and for those who know me, know that I like knowing. I like being prepared and able to predict the road ahead. I like knowing. So, I reached out to people I trust and asked: Can you do me a favor…please? If you see me going down the wrong road, or see me about to make a mistake, will you please…please…please tell me to stop and backup? Will you please let me know if I say something stupid? I don’t want to fail and it is hard walking this the dark.

So, as the overwhelming responsibility of my new position caught up with me I thought about those who I trust will “have my back” and then I wondered about more important matters…. if my spiritual sisters have my spiritual back. I mean, what if a sister sees that I am about to break my leg (spiritually speaking) and said nothing. I wonder if she wouldn’t say anything because she thinks I believe it isn’t her business. Or maybe she’s afraid that I would get angry with her? Wow! Yeah…I think that I, or we, maybe haven’t been as welcoming to help as we should and you know, that’s not how the Lord designed His church. In Luke 10 our Savior sent out His apostles in pairs. He knew that they were going to face difficult situations. He knew that they needed each other to find the path; to help each other just like He knows we need the same thing- each other to get it back on track.

And so, I wonder if we, in the most important “job” that we’ve been given- our spiritual service- if we think we can go it on our own. Just like in my new position, I can’t watch everything. I will make mistakes. I can’t always see the problems ahead. Spiritually we may not realize when we mess up…just like we can’t always tell if something looks good on us…we need someone to be honest with us…tell us the truth even when it hurts. We’re a little prejudice, you know? We think we’ve got it together, even when we don’t.

So, I have a favor to ask….a really…really big favor. Please tell me when you see me mess up. Please don’t let me fail in my spiritual walk. I know that it may be hard to speak up. I know that we believe that others don’t want to hear it…but if we are truly working for that spiritual success, we will want the help. So, can’t you do your sister a favor…please?

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