Monday, July 6, 2015

Get on the Boat

~ Tracy Frederick

We know so little about her. She is only mentioned briefly in a few verses in Genesis 6 and 7. I have wondered: What was her first name? How did she meet Noah? Who were her parents and what kind of relationship did she have with her parents? Her sister? Her brother? We have no idea. But, we do know that it was a terrible time in the world. We know that it was so evil that God felt the need to start over. It doesn’t get worse than that. But, at the center of all of this evil is that woman, Mrs. Noah, and I wonder.....

I wonder if she was lonely. She had three sons, but “the earth was filled with violence” and corruption ( Gen 6: 11) . Did she allow her children to go to visit their friend’s home, knowing that they would see evil things? or perhaps be in danger? Did she worry that they wouldn’t have friends? And what about her husband? I imagine that she had to listen to people talk about how her husband was just too “harsh” or “judgmental”...maybe even by her closest relatives... her father? mother? sisters? those who she thought supported and cared about her?

I wonder if she was weak at times and tempted her husband to doubt his belief in God. Did she try to convince Noah to stay home instead of warning people and preaching the mercies of God? Did she try to ease her embarrassment and tell Noah to just give up? I wonder if, as she prepared his lunch and dinner, watching him day after day work on that huge boat, she wished that he would just quit? Was she tempted to agree when others called him “crazy” or “radical" and agree when others ridiculed him?

I wonder what she thought when she saw the boat finally completed. Did she think about her family and consider that they would die? Did she love them so much that she considered staying behind? Did she blame God? Did she talk to her parents, sisters, brothers, cousins and beg them to listen to Noah (I Peter 2:5)? Then when the rain started to fall, did she ask her husband to make an exception? Did she beg him to plea to God for her family’s safety....just compromise for family....I mean, it is FAMILY.  What is it people say?.... “family first?”

So, I wonder quite a bit about this woman with no first name. But, I guess none of those details really matter, do they? Nope...All we need to know is: “Then Noah and his sons and his wife and his son’s wives with him entered the ark because of the water of the flood” (Gen 7: 7,13). I believe, after all of that “wondering,” that Mrs. Noah was chosen by God because of her strength and courage, to be Noah’s wife. I believe that she never looked back for a second. I believe that It was just that pouting, no complaining, no whining or begging to let her “family” come with her, and no “attitude” toward Noah when he didn’t open the door for her parents, cousins...”whoever” to climb aboard. All we need to know is that she just walked away from the world that she knew, everyone that she had called “family” as a child, and she got on the boat.

There are few women in the Bible that offer me more encouragement and instruction on how to be faithful. Although I wonder about Mrs. Noah, I guess I wonder more about me...about us...I believe that in order to survive the “flood waters” I have to be ready to give it all up just like Mrs. Noah...we have to be willing to give up everything.....our friends, social lives, our pride and even our family..... and just get on the boat.

Tracy is the wife of Greg Frederick and mother in law and mother to Jordan and Erin Blair. Tracy and Greg have served the Lord's church by teaching  Bible classes for over thirty years. She has taught cradle roll to ladies Bible class, but currently teaches the teen girls Wednesday night Bible class. She has held personal Bible studies, served as a counselor for Bible camp, spoken at Ladies Days, taught ladies Bible classes, written articles for Christian Women's magazine, Queenly Quest, and others. She taught high school students for six years, directed a debate and forensic program on the high school and collegiate level,, holds a PhD in Communication with an emphasis in Rhetoric, has presented at regional and national conferences, held office in regional communication associations and currently teaches communication full time on the collegiate level. 

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