Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfecting a Text

~Tracy Frederick

I picked up my phone this morning to start my usual routine. I send texts of encouragement to my sisters. Now, I don’t do this every day, but try to do it especially at the beginning of the week. I do it, just to let them know that someone is thinking of them and praying for them, but try not to get “stalkerish” with it. However, as I started to send the first text:” Good morning, sister, I hope it is a great week, I am thinking of you and praying for you!”, I stopped and thought about that statement. I know it is a good thing to do. I know it is a heartfelt thought of hoping that the week is smooth for them and there are few spiritual challenges and they don’t have to fight with the devil. You know, that basically it is “smooth sailing” this week. I thought about that and reconsidered. Humm….do I really hope it is smooth sailing? Is a “good week” one in which a Christian is not challenged or there are no bumps in the road? So, (those who know me well will not be surprised at this next statement) my mind started considering what the text says is a “good.” Let us consider quickly a verse we are all familiar with:

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,” James 1:2 (NKJ). No doubt, you all have heard many sermons on this specific verse. You probably know that “count” means: judge, consider. You are probably aware that “joy” means, delight. You might even know that “all” means every bit of it and “fall into” means surrounded by. We probably don’t even need to define “various” since we all know it means differing, or diverse. It is the “trials” part that we have difficulty with, but we all know it means temptations, or adversity.   

But, perhaps we stop there? The reason is the most important part…..WHY? It brings about patience (v. 3) and most importantly, that patience is what makes us “perfect and entire, wanting nothing” (v. 4).

Wow….wanting nothing. That’s what I want my sisters to feel, perfected, wanting nothing. I do want them to have a “great week,” but more importantly, I pray it is a week in which they will draw closer to God, their Creator, the maker of their heavenly home. That may mean they will have to go through trials and difficulties. (see also Rm 5:3, James 1:12,  James 5:11, I Peter 1:6). That means I will begin to pray for their strength to overcome and not so much a week free of problems. So, even though I will text them, perhaps I will add, or change the message to: I hope it is a perfected week in which we are wanting nothing. Besides isn't that better than "a great week?"


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