Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Sisters at the Tomb

~Tracy Frederick

I often wonder about the women who went to the tomb, alone. I wonder what they were thinking, the emotions they carried with them. I think about these women. We know that one follower of Jesus was a former prostitute, but, still she may have had a family, perhaps children. I think about the women that followed Jesus. There is, curiously, no mention of their husbands, or at least no connection made from them to their husbands. They are mentioned in the scriptures as faithful in their following, caring for our Savior and walking with Him. I understand the historical context and understand the liberties that I enjoy were not for them. I understand that my life of ease would be only a dream to them. I know that the stoves, the washing machines, the vacuum cleaners that I criticize and long for better would be a fantasy to them. I wonder about these women. I know they were weary, I don’t know if they were caring for my Lord while trying to appease a husband that didn’t believe and was unkind to them, trying to hold them back from this “crazy” new religion. I don’t know, but I imagine they were caring for their households while running to care for my Lord. I wonder about these women who were so dedicated that they sacrificed their time, energy and maybe even their own food to give to my Savior. I wonder…..and am humbled by my sisters who gave more than I can imagine when I look around at the comfortable home, the abundance of technology and opportunity I have. I wonder if I would have walked with them, when I think about them when I hear of someone ill and in need of food, when I see people squirming in their seats and leaving the assembly early because it is uncomfortable, I think about them when I hear someone complain about another need in the church. I think about them and wonder…..what would my sisters do?  I think about it....and wonder...and instantly, I know.

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