Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where Does God Dwell?

~Veronica Brown
Where does God dwell? Today we know that our God no longer abides in an actual tabernacle, nor does He take up His abode on a holy hill like He did during the Old Covenant days. So where then is His presence? I suppose we could answer simply, He abides in the same place He's always been, among His faithful. Paul drew from Ezekiel's writings to make this point when he told the Corinthian church, " are the temple of the living God. As God has said, 'I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God and they shall be My people'" (Ezek. 37:26-27; II Cor. 6:16). God dwells among His people. Paul further concludes from Isaiah's writings what this implies, "Therefore, 'Come out from among them and be separate', says the Lord. 'Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you'" (Is. 52:11; II Cor. 6:17). How can we be assured that we are among the faithful? How do the faithful distinguish themselves from the world?

In Psalm 15 David asked this question, "Lord, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill?" In other words, who is able to dwell with the Lord? Who is able to be received into His presence? I like how David delineated the answer:

•He who walks uprightly
•He who works righteousness
•He who speaks the truth in his heart
•He who does not back bite with his tongue
•He who does not do evil to his neighbor
•He who does not receive an accusation or an offense against his friend
•He who despises a vile person
•He who honors those who fear the Lord
•He who does not go back on his word even if it means that keeping his word will cause himself hurt
•He who lends without charging interest
•He who does not take a bribe

Only 11 qualites/charcteristics listed here. Seems easy enough, but I can't help but think of how often keeping just one of them has become a difficult task. Thankfully, our God is patient and He understands. Even as He knew David's weaknesses, He knows mine. Yet, with confidence we can trust in the presence of our God and the stability of our position knowing that "he who does these things shall never be moved" (Ps. 15:5).
Veronica is blessed to be the wife of Clint Brown. Clint currently preaches for the Farmersville church of Christ in north Texas. She is also blessed to be a stay at home mom to two boys, Jeremy (13) and Joshua (11). She has been a preacher's wife, Bible class teacher, missionary, and a host of other things for the Lord for the past 14 years and she's thankful for every moment God uses to mold her into His image.

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