Monday, January 7, 2013

He Cannot Deny Himself

~Tracy Frederick
I admit that when I am "wronged," or think I am because my ego has been bruised, my reaction is a human one: anger, hurt, bitterness or retribution. I admit that I am too quick to turn my back on the person, or relationship because of selfish pride. That is a human reaction, I guess, or do we excuse it and say we are just human because it lets us off the hook. But we can agree, it is not a one,not one that is born from godly love because Timothy assures us: "If we are faithless, He remains faithful;He cannot deny Himself" 2:13. It is that last part that is comforting and sad in a way, or perhaps makes me ashamed. God is always there, waiting...waiting for me to give myself up, realize it is not about me. I am much too selfish I guess to understand the depths of love such an amazing God has for me that He is defined by His patience as He waits for me (Hosea 5:15) until I am willing to figure it out and realize what this is all about- Him, not me. Today, He waits patiently for us, sisters. He is faithful, are we?

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