Monday, December 31, 2012

The BEST Weight Loss Plan

~Tracy Frederick

It seems I can hear a collective sigh of relief today. So many have suffered through so much this past year and are looking forward to a fresh start this year. Others are planning significant changes in their lives as they try to improve themselves physically. Today, the last day of the year, it seems to many that the opportunities and possibilities are endless. However, as I’ve reflected on this last day of the year, I have thought more and more about how it is just like any other day, a day of possibilities and a day of redemption. While so many use the first day of the new year to make changes and improve themselves, our God, our all-merciful and loving God, gives us a new start each day, each day. How great is that? If we are His children (I John 5:2, Gal 3:27) , each day we get a chance to do it better!  Seriously! “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins” Isaiah 43:25. It can’t get any better than this! As I reflect on this past year, I hold onto regrets- missed opportunities, times when I failed my Lord and my family, times when I should have, but didn’t and times when I did and shouldn’t have. As I look forward to this year and reflect on the last, make plans for the future, how can I not include a plan to be more perfect for my Father who is so merciful to me? I cannot forget my sins, and probably that is a good thing, but the comfort in knowing that my Father doesn’t hold it against me as I beg for His mercy and forgiveness, He casts those sins behind Him a forgets…really forgets,  is perfect peace. It allows me to move forward and leaving the horrible weight of my embarrassment and shame behind me. It is the best weight-loss plan I know.

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