Sunday, August 19, 2012

He Rememberd

~Tracy Frederick

It is very early in the morning on a Sunday and you are sleeping, peacefully I hope. It is quiet and the world seems at peace. It is a great time to contemplate a few things. Today is the day that we will gather around to participate in a memorial that our Lord ordained. The purpose of that ceremony has been on my mind a lot lately. He said: Do this in remembrance of me (Lk 22:19-10). We have a lot to remember, don't we? We remember His kindness, the love: the healings, the feedings, His discomfort, His tears. then there is, of course,the sacrifice: the beatings, the mocking, the humiliation, the pain, betrayal of friendships, His complete and utter aloneness....we remember separation from His father when He cried out for Him in agony. Yes, sisters we have much to remember... but should also remember that He didn't HAVE to do it. No, He didn't have to. He could have walked away. But He didn't, He went through it all because He remembered us (Romans 5:8).

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