Monday, September 5, 2011

Roads: Matthew 7:13-14

~ Nancy Goring

The road that led away from God was fun and fancy-free.
  I traveled quickly down that path – there was so much to see!
It was an easy way to go, wide and full of fun;
   I met a lot of people there, so friendly, everyone.

So much laughter, so much joy,
   Good times constantly,
Then someone tripped and fell down hard,
   But SOMEONE wasn’t me!

We left her there, ‘cause after all
   We were busy having “fun.”
Who has the time to stop and help
   That careless silly one?

We went along our merry way,
    Carousing as we went,
With never a worry, never a care,
   On pleasure we were bent.

 Then one day something happened!
   An illness took me down.
I looked about for my new “friends,”
   But they could not be found!

 Not a person, nary a soul
   Was there to lend a hand.
When I was down and out,
   Not one to help ME stand.

 I thought it over carefully
   And realized that day,
I should have took the narrow path;
   The godly narrow way.

 The wide path may be easy
   And fun and fancy-free,
But that path leads to nowhere
   But a deadly destiny.

 I’ve changed my course and set my sights
   On heavenly things above.
Where peace and joy and fellowship
   Are coupled with true love.

 So when you pick a pathway
   Make sure you choose the best,
Where God our Heavenly Father,
   Gives His children blessed rest.

Nancy is the wife of Bill Goring, gospel preacher for the Chipman Road church of Christ. She has 4 children, 11 grandchildren and has taught Bible class for over 40 years, published several books including: Behavior Becoming Holiness: Studies in Titus Chapter 2 and Overcoming our Self-Imposed Prisons.

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